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The Mystery Skeletons of Upper Augusta Township

In late April of 1874 a party of workmen hired to exacavate a cellar on the property of D.R. Shipe made a startling discovery-- two human skeletons, which were examined by several prominent physicians from Sunbury and pronounced as the remains of a middle-aged man and a teenage boy.

Shipe's farm, which stood on the south side of the stretch of Mile Hill Road between Tower Road and Epler Road, was situated on a parcel of land once owned by Jacob Snyder, approximately two miles from Sunbury. Back in those days this part of the township was known as Shamokin Hill, and Shipe lived in an old farmhouse which he decided to tear down and rebuild. The skeletons were discovered buried beneath the stone foundations, in a spot where the old kitchen had stood.

The original farmhouse did not have a cellar, and since Shipe thought his new home ought to have one, he hired a labor crew under the direction of Edward Drumheller. Once the digging began one of Drumheller's workers noticed that a po…

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