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The Veiled Woman of Penn Park

  In 1903, the residents of the city of York were terrorized by the appearance of a woman in a long black veil who strolled through Penn Park every night, imploring frightened passersby to lift her veil and take a peek. As if this nightly occurrence wasn't bizarre enough, it just so happened that Penn Park was once the site of a potter's field where York's impoverished and unknown dead had been buried in unmarked graves, as well as the site of a Civil War hospital. History of The Commons When the city of York was laid out in 1741, tracts of land were reserved on both sides of Codorus Creek for public use. To the early residents of the city, these tracts were known as "The Commons", and were originally utilized as pasture for cattle and sheep. After the tract west of Codorus Creek was sold, the commons east of the creek, which totaled 20 acres, became the property of the Commonwealth. In 1816 these public lands were deeded to the city of York and renamed the Public

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