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Treasure in Pike County

From the September 17, 1897 edition of the Pike County Press:

Adam Uhl, of Greeley, sends to the Press an account of a rare find of coins made by Earnest Goetz, a prominent young man, while working on the road at that place.  They were: A five franc piece, dated 1821; a Spanish coin, dated 1809; two United States 25 cent pieces, one dated 1832, one dated 1835, and a Spanish piece, dated 1777. The pieces were found under an oak stump standing along the road which it was desired to remove and on starting to dig under it they rolled down the bank.  There were 5 silver coins and two of copper.  When and by whom placed there and for what purpose can only be conjectured.

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Skeleton Found in Bucks County Chimney

For most people, finding a dead person inside your chimney would be cause for great alarm.  However, based on the nonchalant tone of the following newspaper article, from the April 19, 1884 edition of The Carbon Advocate, one might assume that finding a corpse in your home was rather commonplace (maybe it was back in those days).  The story is described in one brief paragraph:

A Skeleton Found up a Chimney

O.B. Fackenthal had men engaged in tearing down the chimney and inner walls of an antiquated house at Springtown, Bucks county, Saturday, to make some improvements.  A human skeleton was found embedded in a flue.  Rumor has it that dark deeds were transacted in this house and the supposition is that this skeleton was a subject of one of the melees.  During the Revolutionary War, the house was a noted resort, being once used as an inn.  At the close of the war of 1812 a number of soldiers, returning from the army, lodged there.  They became involved in a fight the next morning, after …