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Mount Carmel's Mysterious Suicide Cell

Tucked away at the head of North Oak Street in Mount Carmel is a quaint shop housed in a tiny historic brick building. The Shop at Oak & Avenue is a must-see destination for visitors, offering an impressive variety of gifts and handmade jewelry. It is a gem in an otherwise drab coal town whose glory days faded away with the demise of the steam locomotive and the trolley.

While this quaint small town gift shop gives off a pleasant appearance, the history of the building-- one of the oldest in the borough-- is tinged with horror and death. For this tiny building, erected in the 1880s, served as Mount Carmel's first city hall and jail, and this jail had a rather dark distinction of being the site of the cursed and mysterious "suicide cell".

History records six suicides taking place in the basement cell, along with scores of other attempted suicides. For a reason that has defied explanation, this tiny jail in this tiny town seems to bring out the darkest demons lurking wi…

The Mystery Skeleton of the Mount Pleasant Mine

In 1910, workmen were exploring the old workings of a long-abandoned section of the Scranton Coal Company's Mount Pleasant Mine when they made a ghastly discovery-- a human skeleton, without so much as a shred of flesh left on its bones or any belongings that would indicate the unfortunate man's identity.

While the authorities could not definitively ruled out death by accident, the location and position of the skeleton seem to point to murder most foul, leaving this case just one of the hundreds of unsolved murders in the Coal Region's colorful history.