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The Loomis Street Affair: Haunting or Hoax?

In November of 1890, the Rolling Mill Hill section of Wilkes-Barre was thrust into the spotlight, thanks to a bizarre haunting which attracted crowds of hundreds to a plain wooden house on Loomis Street. According to one of the house's residents, Sophia Stiebel, she was upstairs making beds when she saw a ghostly black coffin lower itself through the ceiling, before the apparition of a beautiful young woman appeared and instructed Sophia to dig up the floorboards in the basement.

While many neighbors provided their own "evidence" supporting the haunted condition of the house, others insisted that Mrs. Stiebel wasn't in her right mind. Still others said that the Stiebel family was guilty of perpetrating a hoax, in the hopes of scaring away other prospective tenants so that they could obtain the property dirt cheap.

In any case, the Loomis Street haunting earned its reputation as one of the most unusual paranormal incidents in Wilkes-Barre history.

This is the origina…

This is why you shouldn't sleep on a railroad track

From the April 18, 1896 Harrisburg Daily Independent.

Body pounded into a jelly

The following gives a rather graphic account of the death of a coal miner at the Luke Fidler colliery in Shamokin. From the Nov. 14, 1889 edition of the Altoona Tribune: