Man's Head Hammered into the Ground

We all know that being a lumberjack is a dangerous job, but even most lumbermen would find the death of William Jarvis Corbin to be shocking.  From the October 1, 1884 edition of The Forest Republican:

A most appalling accident occurred near Lickingville, Clarion County, on Thursday last, resulting in the death of Wm. Corbin.  On that day he was engaged in falling timber, and when a tree had been nearly sawed in two, and was about to fall, Mr. C. ran to get out of the way.  The tree split, as is frequently the case, and kicked back, the butt end catching Corbin and crushing him to the ground with awful force.

The bones in both legs and arms were literally crushed to pieces; his head and neck were jammed into the ground a distance of six or eight inches, while his heart and liver were torn out, his heart being found several feet away.  It is said by those who witnessed the accident and saw the unfortunate victim afterwards, to have been a horribly sickening sight, as it certainly must have been.

(complete newspaper story can be read here)


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