Headless Body Found in Mud Pond

An Unsolved Mystery Near Rickett's Glen

In 1911, George Snyder of Jamison City was fishing in Mud Pond, just north of Lake Jean, when he made a chilling discovery-- a headless body. Though badly decomposed, the corpse was dressed in expensive clothing, except for his pants, which were inexplicably missing. The victim was also found carrying a woman's handkerchief and a letter written in a foreign language. To date, the identity of the victim has never been ascertained. Was it murder? Suicide? An unfortunate accident? Perhaps you can solve this century-old mystery of Rickett's Glen!

From the Laporte Republican News Item, July 21, 1911:

While fishing in Mud Pond, about six miles from Jamison City on Friday of last week, Geo. Snyder of Elk Grove came upon the badly decomposed headless body of a man. He first mistook the body for a log, finding it in one of the most secluded spots on the pond, a place over which the brush hung heavily.

Making the startling discovery that the head was missing, Snyder hurried back to Jamison City leaving the body untouched. The body was not taken from the water until Saturday night, until it had been ascertained that it had been found in Luzerne instead of Sullivan County.

Whether the head had been severed from the body by a murderer or whether the man had drowned and the decomposition accounts for the absence of the head could not be definitely told. That his death occurred in the winter months is shown by the clothing worn which was heavy, while an overcoat was found on the shore nearby. A strange fact was that (he) wore three shirts, a coat and an overcoat while his trousers were missing.

A letter written in a foreign language was found in an inside pocket. Other contents of the pockets were a lady's silk handkerchief, an insurance memorandum book and a pair of nose glasses. His clothes were of texture that indicated that he was a man of some education and refinement.


  1. I wonder what the foreign language the letter was written in?


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